How It Works

  1. Purchase a Flyboy1 kit; install it on the dash.
  2. Fly it at least 10 hours. At around 10 hours, the system will be able to generate your Flyboy Score.
  3. The more you fly with the Flyboy1, the more accurate your Flyboy Score becomes. Higher is better.
  4. At around 25 hours observed, the system will be able to begin making recommendations for things the pilot can do to make him or herself measurably safer in all conditions.
  5. Engage with the community. Pilots have the option to make some flights public for review. Public flights can be reviewed and scored by the community. Pilots that give consistently accurate feedback and helpful critiques to their fellows are rewarded by an increased Flyboy Score.

We turn formerly analog data into discrete variables and provide concrete metrics that show pilots where they may have a habit that could be trouble in certain scenarios. Part 121 and high end 135 jets fly themselves – we’re not for those pilots! But if you fly something that you actually have to fly or are training to become an ATP, welcome to your new best friend

Who It's For

We believe that every pilot can benefit from consistently debriefing their own flights but the following types benefit the most.

  • Students headed for a Commercial. Every student wonders how he’s doing and gradesheets are pretty vague. The Flyboy1 tells you exactly where you stand. Additionally, it’s a great debrief tool to use with your CFI.
  • Smaller flight departments like 135s/137s that do complex flying or fly in older fleets. Our tool is a great way to disseminate lessons learned across the Ready Room in a non-punitive way. Some crews just do it better than others and this let’s everyone rise to their level. 
  • Some flight schools: The reason we say ‘some’ is that the Flyboy1 is primarily of use for those schools that care that the student pass a check in a prescribed length of time. Examples: Training non-US Commercial, Military, Transition. 
  • Special Cases: The Flyboy form factor is not fixed. We regularly modify hardware and inputs to serve niche cases where, for example, the Chief Pilot/Training Officer wants to see special metrics to enhance pilot performance.

Artificial Intelligence is the science of predictions using all types of data. AI – though immensely useful and insightful – is not always actionable. Operations Research (“OR”) is the science of decision making. We combine the science of predictions with the science of decision making to do useful things.

We mix and match Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, and Signal Processing with Operations Research to deliver results that matter for your bottom line.

Think of our software as “actionable AI” for applications that can’t afford incorrect, untimely, or otherwise suboptimal decisions.


Plugging Gaps

Every pilot has had an experience that would save another …

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The Flyboy1 is the wingman you’ve never had. Use it, trust it, live by it.

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